Pierre Morel’s Banlieue 13

by Jess

I haven’t delved into reviews of the world of film…until now.

Pierre Morel directed this 2004 French flick, which was released in English as District 13 or District B13.  Starring Parkour founder David Belle and his friend and fellow traceur Cyril Raffaelli, this movie is far and away the best action film I’ve seen in a long time.  It’s pseudo-futuristic, set in Paris in 2010, where their solution to the violent ghettos is to build giant walls around them.  The most dangerous slum, Banlieue 13, happens upon a nuclear bomb in their midst.  Hilarity ensues.  And when I say hilarity, I mean awesome ass-kicking action.  It’s in French, too, which might be a downer for some uncultured troglodytes, but for me, that instantly adds like a million cool points.  I love those darn francophones.