Sinatra & Kushner, Excerpted

by Jess

A non sequitur post today.

I heard Sinatra’s “Wave” on the radio this morning (on Siriusly Sinatra, channel 75). It’s one of his saucy Brazilian tunes, like “The Girl From Ipanema.”  I love his panamerican crooning, though I don’t know if they beat out some of my classic favorites like “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” and “South of the Border.”  In “Wave,” though, Sinatra hits the lowest note I’ve ever heard him utter, and it’s pretty impressive.  He sings:

“So close your eyes
For that’s a lovely way to be
Aware of things your heart alone was meant to see
The fundamental loneliness goes whenever two can dream a dream together.”

And now back to Kushner.  I promised a preview, so here is an excerpt from Telex From Cuba, from the POV of La Maziere, the French arms dealer:

The Pam-Pam Room dancers had mostly left him to himself at his lone back table, having pegged him as quirky, disinterested, and cheap.  Until he got the giantess gyrating on his lap.  The next evening, girls fluttered around him.  They thought he was German and kept saying, “Das ist gut, ja?  Das ist gut?”  He nodded, smiled distantly, and said, “Ja, gut” in his French accent.  He ordered a rum drink with crushed mint and morphine crystals dissolving in a slush of ice.  Sipped his drink and stole looks at Rachel K as he tickled the girl on his lap, who erupted in giggles.  The girl straddled him.  Took his tinted dictator’s glasses and tried them on.  Placed her hand on his crotch.

“Das ist gut?” she asked, smiling, pressing with her hand, his tinted glasses slipping down her nose.

“Ja,” he replied, “gut.”