An early Christmas, from me to me

by Jess

Being the kind and generous person that I am, I made a pre-Christmas purchase of three publications from Dzanc Books: Steven Gillis’ Temporary People, Kyle Minor’s story collection In the Devil’s Territory, and Peter Markus’ Bob, or Man on Boat. The books were waiting patiently for me on my front doorstep when I arrived home, and I couldn’t have been gladder to see them.  For that matter, I never thought I’d be so happy to get home to sleepy little BG, but Christmas seems to bring out the worst in drivers, and navigating the press of Route 3 this evening was fatiguing.  So here I am, with my books and my obnoxious pets and my tree, my jellied toast and my steaming tea, settling in for an evening of Christmas card writing (that’s right, gentle reader, yours won’t arrive before the big day, but you’re lucky to get it at all, you selfish bastard).  God bless us, one and all.