by Jess

The soundtrack for my drive to work this morning was Mozart’s Divertimento in B-flat (as performed by Camerata Salzburg).  It’s such a winsome and whimsical tune, I half expected flowers to start sprouting and trees to blossom in my wake, while fawns and butterflies pranced about.

I’m rereading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.  It’s just as fabulous as I remember, the primary difference being that since then, I’ve read a lot of other inspired and creative work (like just yesterday, I read “The Choir Director Affair (The Baby’s Teeth)” by Kevin Wilson in the Carolina Quarterly, which is a fantastic story).  When I first read AHWOSG, I thought Dave Eggers was Jesus Christ incarnate.  Or something.  (Maybe just the love child of P.G. Wodehouse and Samuel Johnson … no, I don’t really understand it either.)  Now I know that he’s really, really great — and so are a lot of other writers.  More are being created every day, in fact.  That’s what I love about you people.