Pontius Pilate & Edmond Dantes

by Jess

Last night, ominous-looking clouds blew in around dinnertime.  The roaring lion turned out to be a lamb in disguise, though; one bolt of lighting and an angry smattering of rain, and the whole storm system moved along.  However, it inexplicably managed to knock out power in the whole area.  Unable to watch our DVRd episodes of Southland or LOST, we lighted candles and I read to C the first two chapters of Paul Maier’s Pontius Pilate. It’s been years since I read the book, but I remember being deeply affected by it.  Pilate becomes not just a passing reference in a Bible story, but a historical figure who became prefect of the Roman province of Judea in AD 26.  He was buffeted by intense political pressure from Rome and the notoriously hard to govern Judean Jews.  It’s a well written and intricately researched historical novel, and I hope C finishes it.  I was delighted because he knew the meaning of all the Latin words and phrases sprinkled throughout the text.  That liberal arts education wasn’t a waste of time after all!

I have also started reading The Count of Monte Cristo, courtesy of Matt.  I’m only 20-odd pages in, but I already feel as though I’ve set out on an incredible adventure!