by Jess

I was hopping about the Interscapes this morning.  Bookforum had a link to a moderately entertaining Newser article.  As I’d never been to Newser before, I perused the site after I was finished with the article, and I was a bit aghast to see their slogan: “Read less.  Know more.”  Whaaaa?

I understand the gist of their message.  Newser is much like The Daily Beast, a site I frequent, in that it compiles and distills the top stories of the day, so the reader doesn’t have to do all that silly, arduous work of research and reading and forming one’s own opinions.  (Though I much prefer The Beast for layout, site design, ease of use, and content.)  But come on — we have enough of a crisis in literacy and readership these days without adding to the problem with this sort of drivel.

Fact: one cannot know more by reading less.