by Jess

On the middle finger of my right hand, I wear a thin gold wedding band that belonged to my grandmother.  It was the second wedding ring she owned.  She had it made in Spain after fleeing there from Cuba in the 60s.  Her first wedding ring was taken from her by Castro’s soldiers, along with everything of value in the family’s suitcases, as they left the country.

José Manuel Prieto has a most excellent article regarding the Cuban Revolution, published in The Nation.  I hate to admit that anything good came out of Castro’s regime — I’ve heard too many evil stories over the years about the man — but Prieto admits both the good and the bad, and he writes it beautifully.

(As a sidenote for you movie lovers, there is also an excellent British documentary, called 638 Ways to Kill Castro, about the numerous attempts on Castro’s life over the years.)