Checking in

by Jess

Hello!  I haven’t read any books lately, thus the dearth of my scintillating reviews, but I’ve been writing again, which I’m psyched about.  I just finished a draft of a story that I’m very happy with.  Now there’s nothing left but to revise, polish, research, submit, and wait.

I did read a really fascinating article yesterday that I wanted to share with you.  Christian Longo killed his wife and three small children, then fled to Mexico under the assumed name of Michael Finkel.  The real Michael Finkel, a disgraced former reporter at The New York Times, catches wind of the story, naturally, and becomes obsessed with Longo.  They correspond while Longo is on death row.  Finkel writes a book about him.  (It’s very Capote.)  Longo eventually tells Finkel the whole grisly story of killing his family, which he’d never previously admitted to doing.  Finkel recounts all the details of their unlikely relationship, and the story Longo told him, in a moving Esquire piece.  I may try to pick up the book, add it to the ol’ TBR list.