Lit mags

by Jess

Two new obsessions: PANK Magazine and Plots With Guns.

PANK dropkicked my brains with this work by Amorak Huey.  It’s so fresh I could just eat it up and lick the sweet nectar off my fingers.

And Plots with Guns #2006 has work by both Kyle Minor and Pinckney Benedict.  Awesome.

So now I’m thinking about the story I submitted to a fairly well regarded magazine — which shall remain nameless until I hear a yay or nay — a story I wrote a couple of weeks ago and thought was so fine that I dashed it right off to the magazine’s submission manager without even having someone else take a look at it.  That story had a gun in it.  For that matter, so did my story in The 6S Review.  (I suppose it was only a matter of time before they started showing up in my fiction: there are lots of guns in my house, and C. carries one on him at all times.)  Anyway, I’m thinking about the missed opportunity; I should have sent it to Plots With Guns because how cool would it be to have a story in a pub called Plots With Guns?  But there’s any easy fix: I’ll just write another one!