Ben Loory’s “The TV”

by Jess

The New Yorker wins the game with this incredible little story by Ben Loory, and this interview with him.  His interview is refreshingly unpretentious and normal.  Sometimes I read author interviews and I think: “You are not really reading all those books at once — one classic, one emerging author, one impressive nonfiction title about philosophy or birds or North American history, one collection each of poetry, stories, essays, etc., etc.  And Tolstoy is not your favorite author.  And you probably only wrote that story by accident.”   What — me, jealous?  Anyway, Ben Loory.  The story’s good.

Secondly, in honor of the season, and of my itching, pollen-crusted eyeballs (Ah!  The sweet pain of Virginia in springtime!), I give you this lovely poem by Henry Kearney in The Collagist.