Links to things

by Jess

This is what happened.

I was bumbling about the Interwebs and read this chilling piece (very rock and roll, I think) in Knee-Jerk Magazine (you know I love it) called We Sin Like Wolves by S. Craig Renfro.  He happens to teach at Queens, where I got my MFA, so I hopped on over to his blog.

Under the heading Blogs You Should Like, I spotted a link to This Blog Will Change Your Life.  So of course — Who wouldn’t click on a link like that?  Very savvy marketing — I had to go see it!  My life is yearning to be changed!

The funny thing is, kind of it did change my life.  Here’s why: the kindly folks over at TBWCYL have this wicked cool way of writing that makes me cock my head to the side the way Sharkbait does when she’s confused.  Like this.  And this.  They use book as an adjective (or a verb?)!  What does that even mean?  And then they say things like: “And most finally, we think that you are most righteous.”  And I’m all like: SO DO I.

So then I had to click on This Zine Will Change Your Life, which does a cool thing by pairing art and music with each piece of fiction and poetry, and I read Move in with me by Sam Pink, and I love it.  So then I had to read Sam Pink’s blog, where he says awesome things like, “much like the second coming of christ on easter, this book will make you feel bad about yourself.”

And then I had to come back HERE to tell all of you about all of that.  That is what happened.  And now I am very tired.