Wells Tower and Jonathan Dee

by Jess

Another home run by The New Yorker‘s 20 Under 40 series, Wells Tower’s story “The Landlord” struck me as fundamentally different in tone than most works of fiction you’ll find in the magazine.  I hate to use the word “approachable,” but until I can think of a better one, it seems a bit more approachable, or perhaps conversational, a touch expository, not at all obtuse, and quite funny.  If “The Landlord” were a novel, I’d buy it in an instant because I can just tell it’s going to be great.

Here’s a rather poorly done Q&A with Tower, who, by the way, has probably the best name ever.

While I was on the New Yorker site getting these links, I was delighted to find the current book club selection is Jonathan Dee’s The Privileges.  Dee was one of my instructors at Queens, and really fabulous and encouraging to work with.  Here’s a rather well done interview with Dee.  And congratulations!