De gustibus non est disputandum

by Jess

I got all excited to read this article, which set itself up to mock a great deal of contemporary literary darlings, a la B.R. Myers.  But the article itself falls quite flat — or rather, it preens itself extravagantly and obnoxiously without really making any salient points.  It’s a tirade by one Evert Cilliers about the state of contemporary art — a word that he misuses tiresomely — which is an idea that I can get behind to some degree — until he claims that the only books from the past 20 years he’s found worth reading are Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and Toni Morrison’s Beloved.  Seriously?  Seriously?

The only redeeming qualities of the article are that it appears Cilliers has learned his lesson, judging by his responses to some of the readers’ comments below the article, and some of his readers give some really great-sounding suggestions of books and music for poor Cilliers to check out.