Elton Wentworth: the man, the mystery

by Jess

Elton Wentworth, you salty bastard, you’ve done it again.  Yesterday, I got more than 90 views on my blog — 63 of which were from people searching for Elton Wentworth.  There’s a surprising dearth of information about him on the interwebz thus far.

A Google search for the man turns up my blog and a fabulous write-up over on The Mookse and the Gripes, complete with excerpts, but other than that, there’s not a whole lot returning — although a Scott Wentworth Elton is a neurological surgeon in Columbus, OH, and an Elton Wentworth in Brockport, NY, signed a petition earlier this year to stop global warming.

If you search “To the Measures Fall” instead of the mysterious Elton Wentworth, you get a few more returns: Cliff Garstang at Perpetual Folly has some less enthusiastic words about the story, and Like Fire has a short but rather effusive take on it.

It’s really quite remarkable.  I’m becoming obsessed with Elton Wentworth.  And he’s not even real!