Some hum drum

by Jess

It’s a balmy 101 degrees today in City, USA, so I’m taking refuge indoors with my computer. I’ve been quiet lately mostly because I haven’t got much to say. I recently finished James Hynes’ rather weird Kings of Infinite Space and Janette Turner Hospital’s collection North of Nowhere, South of Loss. I didn’t love them, and I don’t believe I feel like giving either one of them a full review here. Of the two, I preferred Hospital’s story collection, some of which lovely stories I enjoyed immensely; but unfortunately, the focal point of the collection was a pair of recurring characters that I didn’t care for at all, and I was disappointed over and over as they reappeared.

So today I picked up Saul Bellow’s Herzog from the library, and so far I am not enjoying it, but I can see myself falling under its strange spell. Irving Howe says, “Bellow offers not a full-scale characterization but a full-length exposure of a state of being. We do not see Herzog acting in the world, we are captive in the world of Herzog.” Perhaps I shall become a captive. For now, I am reading onward cautiously.

Stay cool out there, space cowboys.