Reading lately

by Jess

I wanted to update you on what I’m currently reading, though not yet finished, so I’m not here to write a full review. We sort of hit the payload at the library, and we’ve all been really enjoying ourselves. It started when I picked up from the thrift store a children’s copy of The Iliad and The Odyssey. It’s for much older children, so I figured H. would be ready in a few years. Silly me. He made me read the entirety of the The Odyssey in two sittings, and we’ve started The Iliad.

So then we hit the library, and I found for the boys a lovely fairy tale called The Princess and the Lord of Night (full text here, although without the wondrous illustrations), by Emma Bull, along with Finn MacCoul and his Fearless Wife and The Hero and the Minotaur, the last two both by Robert Byrd. I love introducing the kiddos to classic myths and heroes. There are a lot of crap kid books out there, but there’s some real gold too.

For me, I picked up Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin, who is fast becoming my favorite current author. He always surprises me and he uses the most unexpected adjectives. I also got You are an Acceptable Level of Threat, a very cool book about Banksy featuring gorgeous photos of his work. There’s a website up to go along with it. I’ll be reviewing Winter’s Tale as soon as I’ve finished, which, although it’s a hefty little book, shouldn’t be long because it’s got me completely enraptured.